November 26-December 2: I was busy so it’s late, but here’s some Burial, Indian life, and Natalie Portman for you

There’s a man trying to bring advertising to your phone messages. Incidentally, messaging apps, while having become bloated messes this year, were (in the eyes of their developers) supposed to be the next big thing. Wired looks at whether they “succeeded” in this.

Engrossing read from a local (hey Kris!) about that time the Indian PM made most of the country’s money illegal overnight, which was in November.

On “Tomb Raider” and Lara Croft’s complicated legacy of girl power. Bonus: The cosplayer mentioned in the piece.

A few years ago My Bloody Valentine released a new album after what seemed like eternity. Two weeks ago The Jesus and Mary Chain announced a new album. Now Ride has become the latest shoegaze great to announce one. Hopefully this means Slowdive will follow suit?

New Burial songs!

An amusing moment when video games get a little too real. [via]

For fans of “Twin Peaks” and post-rock, here’s a Melbourne band combining the two (enjoy the goosebumps at 3:30). [via]

“There is no universal basic income that can prevent the civic ruin of a country built on a handful of workers permanently subsidizing the idleness of tens of millions of people. But a future of less work still holds a glint of hope, because the necessity of salaried jobs now prevents so many from seeking immersive activities that they enjoy.” Enjoy.

Clickbait and comments tie top spot on my list of things I hate the most about the internet. So here’s a handy list of clickbait spoilers.

See how global warming (or just expansion) has changed the landscape over the past 20 years; includes Brisbane and a sobering look at Columbia Glacier in Alaska. [via] On a similar note, National Geographic photographers look at how climate change has affected the Earth. Warning: Heartbreaking photos of polar bears.

Some pretty photos from Australia, as chosen by its Ecological Society.

Fantastic feature on Natalie Portman ahead of her role as Jacqueline Kennedy in ‘Jackie’.

Inside Junkie XL’s studio (it’s pretty amazing!).

One of the most spectacular goals I’ve seen, scored by the goalkeeper.

Netflix now lets you download shows and movies (not all, but a lot) to watch offline.

Did you also watch “Gilmore Girls” this week? The Atlantic, which according to the show bumped one of Rory’s stories, has a great read on why she’s not a great journalist.

Adobe has developed software that allows you to make people say things they didn’t. (If you watch the video, skip to the 1:30 mark.)

Russell Westbrook, the king of Oklahoma City Thunder (R.I.P. Seattle SuperSonics), is averaging a triple-double this year, which is extraordinary. Here’s a great feature on him, for NBA fans.

Please enjoy the new Justice music video, featuring Susan Sarandon driving the duo around the California wind farms at sunset, and dancing in slow-motion.

First look at the new video game from the team behind “Alto’s Adventure”. STUNNING. [via]

This incredible artwork (also pictured at the top of this post), inspired by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, took 3.5 years to complete. Reminds me of Raqib Shaw’s “Paradise Lost” (photo five), which I saw at APT 7 at GOMA a few years ago and loved.

Architecture of the week: A medieval castle being built a la the period, in France. Amazing!

Finally, I made a mix out of songs sampled in classic 1990s electronic jams. You should listen to it without peeking at the tracklist and see if you can name the songs.

Hat-tip to Kris and Alex. Featured image © Manabu Ikeda via Spoon & Tamago.